Ray Chapman, Middletown Tax Collector

Bucks County, PA


Tax Collector Home Page
Ray Chapman collects Middletown Township, Bucks County and Neshaminy School Real Estate and Per Capita taxes.

Located at:                                             Contact Information:                        E-mail:

2222 Trenton Road                             (215) 945-1777 (Office)                     ChapmanTax@msn.com     
Levittown PA 19056                           (215) 945-2122 (fax)

Important Dates
Date Tax Reference
 3/1 Municipal Real Estate Bills Mailed
 4/30 Last Day of 2% Discount
 6/30 Last Day to pay Municipal bills (before 10% Penalty)
 7/1 School Real Estate and Per Capita Bills Mailed
 7/31  1st School R/E Installment Due
  8/31  Last day of 2% Discount
 9/15  2nd School R/E Installment Due
 10/31  Last Day to pay School R/E  & Per Capita Taxes at face
 10/31  3rd School R/E Installment Due
 12/15 Last day to pay R/E taxes with a personal check 
 12/15  Last Day to pay Per Capita Tax
 12/31  Last day to pay taxes in local TC office with Certified Check
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