2222 Trenton Road, Levittown, Pennsylvania 19056, United States

(215) 945-1777

COVID-19 UPDATE - 2020 DUE DATES: 2% DISCOUNT 4/30/20; FACE AMT 7/30/2020

COVID-19 UPDATE - 2020 DUE DATES: 2% DISCOUNT 4/30/20; FACE AMT 7/30/2020COVID-19 UPDATE - 2020 DUE DATES: 2% DISCOUNT 4/30/20; FACE AMT 7/30/2020

Payment Options

By Mail or In Person:   Ray Chapman, Tax Collector 

                                      2222 Trenton Rd.   

                                      Levittown, PA 1905

  • Personal Check
  • Money Order
  • Bank Check (required after 12/15
  • Lock Box: to the left of the front door

Online: Through your personal on-line banking account. 

  Initiate a payment and your bank will pay it directly to the Tax Office.

  1. Set the Tax Collector up as a Payee
  2. Use your Parcel # as your Account #
  3. Please allow 2 weeks for the payment 

Online Credit Card or Electronic Check click on the link for E-check/Credit  tab. The service provider fees are:

Credit/Debit Card 2.00%  

Electronic Check $1.50

Payment Information 

Stamped Receipt Requested: Return entire bill with payment and self-addressed stamped envelope.

Due Dates: Payment must be received or postmarked by the due date. Payment is also accepted in the drop box on or before the due date. 

Postdated checks: Checks are processed upon receipt

Returned checks: Returned checks are not considered timely payments. 

Escrow Account: If a bank or mortgage company pays your real estate taxes, forward the tax bill to them upon receipt. 

After December 15th: Only official bank checks or money orders will be accepted 

After December 31st: Liens are file on all unpaid real estate taxes & refuse

School Installment Payment Options 

The combined total of the 3 installment payments equals the face amount of the tax bill. 

· The 1st installment must be received or postmarked by 7/31 in order to participate in the installment program. After the 1st installment is received, you are required to pay the installments and cannot receive the discount.

  • Installment due dates are 7/31, 9/15 and 10/31. If the 2nd or 3rd installment is paid late, the late fee is applied to that installment.
  • The second installment must be paid before paying the third installment.